10 amazing sex positions; your partner will never forget the moment

Sex in not only the name of enjoyment and pleasure, but rather it is significant in remaining in good health. Having sexual intercourse several times a week helps to prevent life-threatening heart disease. Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that regular rolls in the hay help to prevent a build-up of the chemical homocysteine, which is linked to potentially deadly blood clots.

But it only works for men. Researchers from the National Defence Medical Centre in Taiwan tracked more than 2,000 men and women, aged from 20 to 59. While the men who had sex at least twice a week had lower levels of homocysteine in their bloodstream compared to men who had sex less frequently, there was no significant variation detected in women.

Here in this article i am telling the readers the top 10 best sex positions which are useful to enjoy much more than having sex in a single position. Moreover changing the sex position gives you more pleasure and enjoyment. These positions are also significant to physical and mental health. Moreover you can read more articles which are helpful for your sexual life. 

01. Missionary Position:

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Missionary position is believed to be a common and old style of sex. This is true but although of its old origin it is still considered the most stimulating and pleasurable features that will allow you both to enjoy sex. 90 % of people in the world do sex in this position. You need to lay her on be and get yourself up to her at the top. Deviating from normal style you can also open her legs wider, and put your arms under her legs. In a missionary position you do not need to hold her her legs however you need to punch her passionately. This position will make hips more moving and penetration will go deeper than in any other position of sex. In this way you can really please your woman in bed.

02. Butterfly Position:

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In butterfly position you woman lies on the side of the bed and you stands on your feet or knees between her legs.  This is a simple position that is frequently used by many couples. The couple can make love on the sofa, couch or bed,when using this position the man dominates during the intercourse. In this position The woman lies on her back,her legs hang down. The man stands on the knees between her legs,holding her by thighs.
The benefits of this position is the woman is relaxed and does not apply physical efforts.
and the woman can additionally caress herself.

03. Socket sex position:

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The Sockets sex position looks similar to the Scissors sex position. The reason is simply that it’s a variation of the Scissors, which makes it unlikely most positions listed in our Sex Positions Guide with illustrations. This is different from Scissors position because although the legs of partners in this position are intercrossed and receiver laid on her back rather than side as in Scissor position. The legs of the receiver are quite free and unladen. This position allows unusual angel to penetration. It also has advantage of not trapping the receiver’s lower leg and giving receiver more comfort. However care should be taken to not ever extend the penis which is pointed to unusual.

04. Cow Girl Sex Position:

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Cowgirls position is very popular sex position. The giver is lying on his back and the receiver sits on the penis of the giver in a way that her knees are on the bed, and she leans forward and her hand used to be on the chest of the giver. The angle of penetration give good G-spot stimulation in this position.

05. Lap Dance Sex Position:

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Previously known as Reverse Mastery. It is one of the highest rated position in the world of sex. It puts the receiver while on the top of the penis of giver. Penetration mobility is generally very high. In this position couple remains very intimate. In this position the receiver sits facing away on top of the penis and moves up and down while allowing the penis move in and out. The Lap Dancing Position is incredibly versatile

06. Seated Scissors Sex Position:

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Your legs are generally overlapping the legs of your partner in this position and  you sits on the bed stretching your legs and your woman laid side way. You push your woman forward and pull her backward by holding her hips in order to shove the penis in and out. In this position your woman is in a submissive position and she can move without your help. There a specific angle of penetration, which gives a sense rubbing all around the whole. The penis strikes the G-spot in this position giving your partner more and more pleasure.

07. Sea Saw Sex Position:

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Sea Saw sex position is very intimate position. The sea saw is definitely closer as the giver sits with legs stretches and the receiver sits on the top of them with legs planted on either side. Although the movement is limited, don’t underestimate the passion can be experience in using this position.

09. Downaward Doggy Sex Position:

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Making for a Vaginal Orgasm woman lies face down on a bed and your knees slightly bent  and your hips slightly raised to make it comfortable for you and maximize the angle of your hips. Try slipping a pillow under your abdomen. From here your partner is free to enter into you from behind. He should keep his way up by probing you up with his arms.  This position helps your partner to enter fully into your vagina intensifying your pleasure. To last longer in this position he should aim for shallow thrusts in deep. This position is good for you to please your women in bed as the legs of your women remains closed and you can enjoy more stimulation and because there is more friction with woman’s legs closed spice up your sex life and give you womanly unforgettable sex experiences.

10. Doggy Style:

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Looking for the G-spot this position is very popular but many people don’t understand the position very well. Doggy style position is well-known and tested position to please women in efficient way. This position also gives a woman a powerful orgasm quite earlier and in a squirting way. This is the only position which is used by almost all the creatures other than human being on this earth. This position is also suggested to the men who last longer in the bed. Both man and women enjoy a squirting orgasm in this position.

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