10 charming colours of Diamond.

Diamond is the most precious stone consisting of a clear and colourless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance. The chemical symbol of black carbon and diamond is same. Diamond is the allotropic form of carbon. Graphite is an other allotropic form of Carbon. Both diamond and graphite are made entirely out of carbon, as is the more recently discovered buckminsterfullerene (a discrete soccer-ball-shaped molecule containing carbon 60 atoms). The way the carbon atoms are arranged in space, however, is different for the three materials, making them allotropes of carbon. Diamond is the most precious natural product in the world which has many different colors, among these colours ten most charming colours of Diamond are as under;

Steel Gray Diamond:

Image result for Steel Gray Diamond









White Diamond:

Image result for White Diamond

 Blue Diamond:

Image result for Blue Diamond Diamond


Yellow Diamond:

Image result for Yellow Diamond Diamond

Orange Diamond:

Image result for Orange Diamond

Red Diamond:

Image result for Red Diamond

Green Diamond:

Image result for Green Diamond

Pink to purple Diamond:

Image result for Pink to purple Diamond

Brown Diamond:

Image result for Brown Diamond

Black Diamond:

Image result for Black Diamond

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