Canada Black Sugar Mummy Looking For A Man. Drop Your Contact

Canada Black Sugar Mummy Looking For A Man. Drop Your Contact

A 38 years old dark sugar mummy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is Looking for a Man White/Pacific Islander/Latino… (Exclusive) for a long term relationship.

This Canada beautiful sugar mummy is Currently Separated from her previous marriage. She hates smoking but drink socially.

Here is how she described herself and the kind of man she is looking for

How would you describe yourself?

Who am I…or not?

In a few words: Born again Christian. Vegan. Entrepreneur. Business and Non-profit organization owner. Personal trainer. Chef. Soprano. Neither a princess nor a babe.

Model & year: Sport – 1979 limited edition mint condition.

Owner’s manual: bilingual French/English – Spanish available upon request.

Characteristics: all original parts, 280HP, full equipped, 4×4, full life warranty bumper to bumper with no mileage limitation, zero emissions & high performance engine!

Warning: for high performance drive only!

That was for the big picture!

Must acknowledge before going any further…

I must clarify a few points…

I’m a born again Christian so Jesus and my faith are the cornerstone of my life.

I’m not religious and I believe that faith is a personal and intimate relationship with our Creator. Neither men nor their dogmas should stand in the midst of that privileged relationship.

I’m vegan…and not sorry if it’s a turn off.

I don’t believe in being “brutally honest”: there is nothing gratifying in having the brutality of a wrecking ball when you can definitely be honest and straight forward while being respectful and kind.

So now let’s get real…

I’m not here to get laid nor am I interested to know the size of your genitals or to see pictures of it. If your proud of it and happy with it, then good for you! (Not being sarcastic here)

If your only goal is to “try” a black woman, please allow me to respectfully suggest you to skip right away to another profile or call an escort service for I’m not an option to be tried. So don’t waste your time nor mine by asking for nude pictures or sexy cam.

I’m not in desperate need of attention; just to spark the attention of the right one will be more than enough for me.

Same suggestion applies if you’re here to “have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life”. I can enjoy myself with ONE partner and have a lot of fun everywhere else besides a bedroom.

For those who are more the “Me, myself and I” type, defining yourself according to the amount of your possessions, I’m definitely not who you’re looking for. The $ 2 million house, the Bentley, Maserati and Lamborghini, the 10 K watch, the 8 digits bank account, you name it, I’ve been there, seen it all, yeah, I’m not into the bling nor am I infected by the “look at me” syndrome. That’s definitely not how I measure the qualities of a real man or any human being.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like beautiful things but I’m more into the quality than quantity. I work to have what I need and want. Money is not an idol in my life, it’s a convenient tool that give a certain upgrade in life, but isn’t the true essence of it. I respect it but I don’t worship it. Greed and stinginess are huge turn off for me.

I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, sharing and humility. Some men (and women) have their entire life revolving around appearances and possessions while being glorified by gold diggers that shine their oversized ego. I’m definitely not a potential match for those enlisted in that category.

I believe in contentment, yet doesn’t mean being over self-indulgent, lazy nor lacking of ambition. Means to be grateful for what you have, what has been achieved in your life and know how to be a blessing to others every time you are blessed.

I believe in achieving your dreams and make them come true no matter how long it takes to make it happen. Who cares? It’s not a race and they don’t have an expiry date anyway!

I believe that the greatest achievement is when you reach your top (not the one the society or men require/want you to reach out) without crushing everybody on your way but while helping and lifting others you might encounter on your journey. Makes you grow a better, stronger, humbler and wiser version of yourself.

Besides that…

I’m family oriented and I do have quite a big one! Some of my friends are family as well and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Work is important but I will always prioritize the human factor in my life, so my loved ones will always come first, right after God because without Him I wouldn’t be blessed to have them in my life in a first place. Work and money will never replace the genuine people that can surround you with love and compassion when you lose those two things.

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