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Amazing formula to enlarge the length and girth of Penis.

Penis enlargement had been a point of interest since the early existence of mankind. Every man thinks that his penis is smaller than an ordinary penis. This article is about the ordinary size of a penis and if the penis is small in size, this article will definitely help you enlarge it with a quite natural way. The average penis size is explained here in this article. A recent study by Indiana University determined that the average penis size is 5.7 inch when it is erected. If your penis size is equal to that of an average sized banana, it means you need not to worry. Your penis has an ordinary size. Size does not guarantee success unless you work in porn sector.

The size range of an average penis is 4 inch to 5.7 inch. If you are within the given range, your penis size is normal. This enlarging formula is for those having a penis smaller than 4 inches.

Formula to enlarge a micro penis: 

This formula consists of ingredients of totally natural orient. If you test this amazing formula which costs a few dollars, you will indeed be amazed after achieving the results. It surely increases the length as well as the girth of your penis two fold. It also strengthens the erectile tissues of penis and give extra sex power and libido. Timing will definitely be increased. The penis head will extend much more than the stem of the penis. This formula will astonish you and your partner. Just try it;

Take 30 grams of Caster Oil, Malkangni Oil (Celastrus Seed Oil) 15 grams,  Clove Oil 15 grams, and Cinnamon Oil 15 grams. Pour all these four oils in a beaker with the given quantity and mix well all these four oils with one an other. Apply the mixture oil on the penis from bottom all the way to the top with finger. Carry out twisted massage of all the penis including the head for about 2 minutes. You will feel severe burn on your penis especially on those parts which are more soft and delicate, but don’t worry because this burning is quite for a couple of minutes. The burning will relieve soon. Do this process when you are going to bed in night. Another method of applying the oil is: Pour some drops of the oil in the condom and put the condom on the penis. Leave this condom put on for the whole night. This method will bring much sooner results. You will notice the change with in one night. Keep this practice for about 4 weeks. It definitely works. I guarantee its positive results. Just spend a few dollars and give pleasure to your partner and your very own mind.


  • Do not intercourse when you have applied the oil otherwise it will give painful burn to your partner for a long time. Clean the penis when you need an intercourse.
  • Do not massage or rub the penis for a long time (more than 2 minute), because it may injure the skin of penis, as the ingredients of the mixture have much burning and stinging sensation.
  • Do not apply the oil more than once a day.
Clove Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Caster Oil
Celastrus Oil (Malkangni Oil)

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