Complete Life Sketch of Vladimir Putin (Russian President).

Vladimir Putin:

Name: Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin)

Birthday: October 7, 1952 (65 years)

Place of birth: Leningrad

Height: 170 cm Weight: 77 kg

Zodiac sign: Libra

Eastern horoscope: Dragon

Activity: president of the Russian Federation

Childhood and the family of Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in 1952 in Leningrad.  “I am from a simple family, and I have lived this life for a very long time, practically my entire adult life. I lived as an ordinary normal person, and I always have this connection, ” Putin said.

Родители Владимира Путина
                                                                                Parents of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s father – Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin had served in the submarine fleet from 1933 to 1934. In June 1941 he was drafted to the front. Defending the Nevsky Piglet, Vladimir Spiridonovich got serious leg injury during his service. After the war he worked as a foreman at the Yegorov plant. Putin’s Mom- Maria Ivanovna Shelomova – survived the blockade, then also worked at the plant.

Владимир Путин с мамой
                                                         Mom of Vladimir Putin taking Putin in her lap.  

Vladimir Putin’s grandfather was a cook, his dishes were served at the table of the highest state and party ranks, including Stalin and Lenin. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the third son in the family. Two of his older brothers died as a child: Brother Victor – passed away before the war, Albert died in the blockade. Putin lived in a communal apartment without amenities in Baskovy Lane. Already after Vladimir Vladimirovich became president, he shared that in his childhood he liked to watch Soviet tapes about scouts and dreamed of working in the organs of state power. “Even before I left school, I had a desire to work in intelligence, but soon I wanted to become a sailor, but then again as a scout.” And at the very beginning I really wanted to be a pilot, “Putin quoted in

Владимир Владимирович Путин в молодости

Until 1965, Vladimir Putin studied at the eight-year school, then graduated from the secondary special school with a chemical bias, then was a law faculty of the Leningrad State University. Zhdanov (now St. Petersburg State University). In his student years he joined the CPSU. As a student, Vladimir Vladimirovich met Anatoly Sobchak, who then held the post of associate professor at Leningrad State University.

Career of Putin in the KGB:

In 1975, after receiving the diploma, Vladimir Putin was sent to serve on the State Security Committee. In the same year he was promoted to senior lieutenant of justice in the system of territorial bodies of the KGB of the USSR, having passed training courses for operational staff.

Владимир Путин в молодости
In 1977, Vladimir Putin served in the counterintelligence department in the investigation department of the KGB of the Leningrad Region. In 1979, after completing retraining courses in Moscow, he returned to his native city.

Владимир Путин и его жена Людмила
In 1984, in the rank of Major of Justice, Putin was seconded to study at the Institute of the KGB of the USSR, specializing in “Foreign Intelligence”. There, Vladimir Vladimirovich continued his studies of the German language and was trained to serve in the GDR.


From 1985 to 1990, Putin worked in the GDR. He served in Dresden, his cover – the post of director of the Dresden House of Friendship of the USSR-GDR. On length of service he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and post to senior assistant to the chief of department. In 1989, Vladimir Vladimirovich was awarded a bronze medal “For Merits to the National People’s Army of the GDR”.
After the foreign mission ended, Vladimir Putin continued his service in the Leningrad KGB administration, refusing to go to the central intelligence apparatus of the KGB of the USSR in Moscow.


The next stage in Vladimir Putin’s life was work at the Leningrad State University. Zhdanov, where he served as an assistant rector for international affairs. “I gladly went” under the roof “of the Leningrad State University in writing to write a candidate, see how it is and what, and maybe stay to work at Leningrad State University. So, in the 90th I became an assistant to the university rector for international relations, “he recalled.

Владимир Путин и Анатолий Собчак

Putin recommended Anatoly Sobchak as a good worker, and in 1990 the country’s future president became an adviser to the mayor of St. Petersburg. With the transition to a new job, Putin filed a report on dismissal from the KGB of the USSR. In the new place, Putin was entrusted with the post of chairman of the Committee for External Relations of the St. Petersburg administration, in 1994 Vladimir Vladimirovich was appointed first deputy prime minister of St. Petersburg with the retention of the previous post. A year later he rose at the helm of the regional branch of the party of the PDR.

In 1992, a group of deputies of the Lensoviet, headed by Yuri Gladkov and Maria Salie, put forward charges against Putin in the scheme of supplying Peter with food in exchange for raw materials. Putin claimed that the Salie Commission had not actually conducted any investigation, and there was no one to prosecute and no reason to prosecute. The scandal was kindled to make Sobchak sack Putin.


In three years, Putin has risen from a meeting on the affairs of the President to the Secretary of the Security Council. In 1996, after the failure of Sobchak in the election of the governor, Vladimir Vladimirovich was invited to Moscow to the post of deputy manager of the affairs of the President of the Russian Federation. Putin oversaw the legal management and management of foreign ownership of Russia. “I can not say that I did not like Moscow. I just loved Peter more. But Moscow, quite obviously – a European city “, – so spoke of his translation of Putin. In the spring of 1997, Vladimir Putin was appointed deputy head of the presidential administration, replacing Alexei Kudrin.

По долгу службы Владимир Путин бывает в разных уголках РФ и мира
In the summer of 1998, he headed the FSB of Russia, in autumn successfully reorganized the structure. Six months later, Vladimir Putin took the post of Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation with the retention of his post in the FSB. In the spring of 1999, President Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin as prime minister of Russia.
Putin recalled this: “Boris Nikolayevich invited me to his place and said that he has an idea to offer me the post of Prime Minister. <…> By the way, in conversation with me he did not say the word “successor”. Yeltsin talked about “Premiere with a perspective” that if everything goes well, he would consider this possible. ”


In 1997, Vladimir Putin defended his Ph.D. in Economics from the Mining Institute of St. Petersburg. The title of the work is “Strategic planning of the reproduction of the region’s mineral and raw materials base in the conditions of the formation of market relations (St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region).

Владимир Путин – кандидат экономических наук


On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin resigned, Putin became the acting president of Russia, he was given symbols of power, including a “nuclear suitcase.” According to him, for him it was not an easy decision. “On the one hand, there are internal arguments. But there is another logic. The fate is such that you can work at the highest level in the country and for the country. And it’s stupid to say: no, I will sell seeds, or not, I will be engaged in private legal practice. Well, then you can do it, after all. First, work here, then there, “Putin explained his choice.

Владимир Путин стал преемником Бориса Ельцина
In March 2000, Vladimir Putin was elected president and took office on May 7. On March 14, 2004, he was re-elected for a second term. On May 7, 2008, he transferred power to the former head of the presidential administration, Dmitry Medvedev. On May 8, 2008, Vladimir Putin was confirmed as chairman of the Russian government, on May 12 he announced the new government. In November 2010, Putin was ranked 4th in the list of the world’s most influential people according to Forbes magazine.
September 24, 2011, Putin agreed to run for president of Russia. Then, at the congress of the party “United Russia”, his words caused an ovation. By the way, already in November 2011 in the Forbes rating, Vladimir Vladimirovich took second place. In the presidential election on March 4, 2012, Putin won in the first round, gaining 63.6% of the vote, on May 7 he took office as head of state for the third time.

Многие россияне хотят видеть президентом Владимира Путина


Vladimir Vladimirovich met his future wife Lyudmila in 1980, and on July 28, 1983 they were married. Two years before they left for Germany, they had their first daughter, Maria, and a year later, in the maternity home of Dresden, a second Catherine appeared. Both girls graduated from St. Petersburg State University. According to unofficial data, on August 15, 2012 Maria had a son. The privacy of Putin’s daughters is guarded very carefully.

Владимир Путин развелся с женой Людмилой в 2013 году
June 6, 2013 in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-24” Vladimir and Lyudmila Putina announced the dissolution of the marriage by mutual decision. In the media, this information was discussed for a long time. The reasons for the divorce were allegedly existing relations between Vladimir Vladimirovich and Alina Kabaeva.

Владимир Путин и Алина Кабаева


Vladimir Putin is fond of sports. He goes skiing, has the title of Leningrad champion in judo and champion of the DSO DSO Trud. In 1999, he co-authored with Alexei Levitsky and Vasily Shestakov, published a book “Learning Judo with Vladimir Putin.” In 2013 he became the owner of the honorable ninth dan in the Korean martial art of taekwondo. In 2011, Vladimir Vladimirovich took to the skates and started playing hockey. Likes to go fishing.

Путин на Harley-Davidson
With pleasure he listens to the songs of Nikolai Rastorguev and the group “Lyube”, Grigory Leps, gypsy music. Speaks fluently in German and English. Vladimir Putin wears his watch only on his right hand. Why? “So the crown does not rub my hand, that’s the whole secret,” the president asked in the secrets revealed. The president has many pets, almost all – gifts from influential politicians. Vladimir Vladimirovich lives with the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Buffy (the gift of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov), Akita Inu Yume (the gift of the governor of Akita Prefecture Norikhis Satake), and the goat named Skazka (gift of Yuri Luzhkov) and the dwarf Vadik (the gift of Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev). Previously, the president’s favorite dog was a black Labrador named Connie, who died in 2014.

Владимир Путин с домашними питомцами


The third presidential term of Vladimir Putin was marked by complex historical events. Russia’s position on the Ukrainian crisis and the accession of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, the victorious performance of Russian athletes at the Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi, a successful military operation in Syria – all this could not but affect the rating of the country’s first person. The poll data, published in October 2015 by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center, show that 89.9% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s actions.

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