How to hide your facebook friends from Public

How to hide your mutual friends on facebook

Dear friends i have guided you in my previous tutorial about facebook how to hide your friends list from public. But still your mutual friends are visible to each other. That is why i felt severe need to publish this post in order to help the brothers and sisters to hide even their mutual friends to protect their privacy. There is not any special formula to hide your mutual facebook friends however i have tried to hide somehow these friends too. Let’s start:

  • Suppose your name is David Dolphin
  • First of all you have to choose the friend you want to hide your mutual friend from. Suppose you are friends with Lara Dutta, and you and Lara Dutta have one mutual friend namely Linda Smith. And you want to hide Linda Smith from Lara Dutta. 
  • Now open the drop down menu on the top blue header bar of your facebook profile.
  • Select Activity Log.
  • You would see hundreds of activities you have been taking out in your facebook timeline. You have to search the name of Linda Smith in search bar. When you have written her name in the search bar , all of your activities related to Linda Smith will appear abruptly. Now look for ”David Dolphin became friends with Linda Smith”. 
  • You will see a pencil icon right infront of “David Dolphin became friends with Linda Smith”. Click on the pencil icon and select “Hidden from Timeline”. You have hidden your mutual friend from Lara Dutta. That’s all. 

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