Moscow keeping close eye on NATO drills in Baltics

Moscow is closely following NATO’s exercises near its borders and is taking all necessary security measures, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday in the wake of the alliance’s Saber Strike 2018 military drills that kicked off in the Baltic Region.

As the spokesman stressed, “Moscow always closely tracks all NATO maneuvers, especially those drills that have a certain degree of proximity to our borders.”

“Naturally, all the relevant ministries have taken all the required measures to ensure our country’s security amid such maneuvers,” Peskov stressed.

NATO’s Saber Strike 2018 large-scale drills kicked off on Sunday. The maneuvers will be held through June 15 and involve roughly 3,000-strong personnel from 12 countries – Albania, the United States, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Germany.

The Saber Strike maneuvers are an annual event and have been held under the command of the US Army in Europe involving land and air forces. This year, the drills are being held in four countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland with the involvement of 18,000 troops from 19 countries.


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