Nostalgia is a severe sentimental feeling about past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Feelings of Nostalgia arise when you come across to a thing or place or person with which your past is associated positively. Nostalgia is the name of longing for past which you have positive feelings with. In case of a negative feelings associated with, the memories of such past does not give you nostalgic feelings, but rather it gives you a feeling of relief. For example if you remind an period of grief and sorrow, it does not give you nostalgic feelings. On the other hand when you remind a past which is full of happiness and joys, this memory will give you a deep nostalgic feelings. And you would long and wish to go back in that passed era or some how bring back that period.

Etymology of word Nostalgia:

The word Nostalgia has been derived from two Greek words: nostos, which means “return home,” and algos, which means “pain” or “longing.” The word has an interesting story; it was originally coined in 1668 as a medical diagnosis for Swiss soldiers who were far from home and suffering from depression. It was based on the German word for homesickness, Heimweh, and it was considered a serious diagnosis that could even be fatal. According to a report published in 1867, 13 Northern soldiers died of nostalgia in the first two years of the American Civil War. The modern meaning of the word was first used in 1920. Now a lot of difference is created between the essence of Nostalgia and Homesickness. The word nostalgi is used for ”Longing  for Past days of life. While homesickness is something like intense feelings and wistful affection with one’s home. Homesickness is the matter of people who are living away from their homes and the place where they are living does not suit their mental mode. Therefore such people always stay in intense depression.

What do we get nostalgic about?

Nostalgia expert Tim Wildschut of the University of Southampton suggests that we get nostalgic about close others (family members, friends, partners), momentous events (birthdays, vacations), and settings (sunsets, lakes).

I  personally used to get nostalgic about my childhood days when i used to play volley ball in the narrow streets of my town. I feel intense longing for going back in the days when i was young and used to hold the finger of my white-beard grand father, and used to go to our farms. There were rams in our farms and i used to chase one of the running ram, but the ram did not allow me access it. Simultaneously my Grand Father would chase me in order to stop me doing that. I am also nostalgic about my primary school years, when i used to memorize the famous Lullaby, ”Twinkle Twinkle little stars”, but when the RPMs of my speech would increase, i used to say ”Twinkle Twinkle Tickle Tickars” instead of Twinkle Twinkle little stars.  I still get super nostalgic about the time of my boyhood when i used to go for fishing with my cousins. 

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Even i become nostalgic about my high school days, when, in spite of exam tension, we used to follow the gorgeous girl-classmates of Divisional Public School.

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Benefits Of Nostalgia:

Nostalgia is no longer considered a disease; it is actually thought to have several benefits. People who feel nostalgic about the past are comforted by happy memories, and it reminds them of people they loved, reinforcing feelings of social connectedness. According to psychologists, the experience of nostalgia can comfort people who are in distress and increase their self-esteem. This is a brief description of benefits of Nostalgia, but we will discuss the Nostalgia in detail in our next Article. The following link is about our next article.

Top 10 benefits of Nostalgia.

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