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Psychic signs; some one is still missing you.

It is the question of every lover, ”whether his/her beloved is missing him/her”?  Even after a harsh breakup  questions like: Is your special one thinking about you after the break up? Do you want to know the love your beloved do to you? Is your beloved one still missing you after a long time separation? Do you still have the mental connection with your lover after being separated? Does your lover repent upon the separation? Does your lover begging to God almighty for being reunited? Whether your own passions for being reunited are without any reason or these passions are interconnected to those of your beloved? etc, are needed to be answered. Be sure that none of the thoughts which develop in your mind is without any reason. Your thoughts, your love for someone, your desire to meet someone, your longing for being reunited with your special one are actually the result of some kind of stimulus. There is actually some thing in the mind of your lover which is evoking you to think about him/her.

These question are worth answering. These widely asked questions are being answered by me (Akram Jan) after going through a deep research and experience. Here i am mentioning a lot of psychic signs which give you the signals that someone is still missing you. These signs are huge revolution for your love life. These signs will keep you focused on the direction to your dreams and make your dreams come true.

01. You are continuously thinking about someone:

If you can not get them out of your head, it means they are missing you.

If you are thinking about some one all the time and you can’t get them out of your head. There is a strong chance that they are also thinking about you. Remember! we live in a vibratory universe and thoughts are things/ vibrations. So there is a very very big chance that some one is thinking about you and that causing you think about them ever more than you normally do. So we must pay attention to this point. Due to the telepathic connection between two minds, two minds think about each other simultaneously. You might have noticed that when some one is about to make a telephonic call to you, you just feel them in your thought just a while before they call you. This is because when some one is about to call you, they think about your first and then make a call. Before making a call, when they think about you, your mind feels their presence because of telepathic detection of their message.

02. Emotional Burst of the energy:

A sudden emotional burst of the energy means when your are doing some routine work and your are not thinking about some one special, but all at once you feel a severe longing and intense feelings in your mind for that particular person. The abrupt feelings are full of passion, love, severe longing and want for someone. You feel a lot of physical energy pouring through your body. That is a very very big sign that your ex is missing your intensely. They have a deep desire to be reunited with you.

Emotional Burst of energy while you are working.

How is it possible to suddenly feel a burst of energy without any external cause? This external cause is actually the telepathic message conveyed by your lover. Your lover’s strong telepathic energy actually unlocks your potential and your energy field thus creating a similar kind of energy wave in your mind which you detected on behalf of your beloved one. So if you experience this emotional burst of energy be sure that your ex is missing you. This sign is very important sign and never can be neglected.

03. Stumbling on a some thing like…:

Stumbling on a white feather means that some one is missing you.

Stumbling on something like white feather is a universal sign of some one is missing or loving you. Some one is communicating with you. Some one is thinking of you. But there are also some other signs like stumbling on a coin with somebody’s birth date on it. That is so much and a huge sign of some one’s missing and thinking about you, but these signs are not as strong as the previously mentioned signs are. Some times stumbling on such things brings you money or happiness of some other type not regarding to your love. Moreover there are some other types of signs like finding someone’s favorite beverage bottle cap which signals  someone’s thoughts toward you. Finding your lover’s favorite book in some bookshop or library also gives the signal that they are missing you. Actually these things reveals that universe is listening to you and speaking to you and universe is telling you right now that some one is missing you.

04. Twitching of eyes:

Twitching of eye means your lover is missing you.

Twitching of one or the both eyes is also considered to be a strong sign that your lover is thinking about you and he/she is still in love with you. Some experts further explains the twitching of eyes in a way that the twitching of right eye means they are thinking about you positively and they are indeed in love with you, while twitching of left eyes is opposite. But i don’t think so. In my opinion the twitching of either eye means your ex is in love with you and he/she is longing to be reunited with you. In light of my personal experience this sign really works and it is a very strong signal of messages of your lover transmitted towards you. Twitching of eyes is reliable source of information about the condition of your lover’s love and desire to meet you. It really works.

05. Twitching of Muscles of any part of the body:

You can’t stop twitching of your muscles if you are being missed by someone special to you.

Twitching of muscles is very rare signal and felt by a very few people when they are thought by someone. Anyhow this much stronger signal that twitching of eye. Because sometimes twitching of eye may be without any reason and it may be a result of some climatic or weather change. But twitching muscles is specified to some one’s relation. If the muscle of any part of your body continuously twitches it means your lover is continuously thinking about you. While if muscle twitch is with a break, then it means your lover is missing you time to time not for the whole day.

06. Burning and itching of eyes:

Itch in eye means some one is still missing you

If you don’s have an eye disorder or allergy, then burning of right eye means that your ex is missing you and they have severe want to meet you. On the other hand if the burning is in your left eye, it means your ex is still missing you but not in a positive way. He/ she hates you, and recalling the old memories as his/her mistakes. Your ex does not want to be with you again if your left eye is burning. The burning sensation does not remain for a long time. All of sudden your feel burning sensation in your eyes and when you rub your eye, it cools. This happen a couple of times a day. This is a very very strong signal of missing you by some one special to you.

07. Itchy heel/foot palm:

Itchy heel is a sign of love

Itchy heel or irritation in feet palm is also a huge sign that someone is still missing you. Unlike the itching in eyes, the itching in left or the right heel brings no difference. Whether the itching is in your right heel/palm or in the left, it gives the signals of positive remembrance on behalf of your lover. Itching in heels or palms is very troublesome and disturbing as it remains for a long long day and night. The more it will be irritating the more  your ex will be thinking of you. The problem with such irritation is it does not calm by rubbing. It continues with the thoughts of your lover and calm with the distraction of your lover’s thoughts from you. It is a deep sign of you missed by your special one.

08. Sneezing all at once:

Sneezing once means that your lover is still in love with you.

If you are not suffering from flue or cold, then  sneezing once means your lover is missing you and is in love with you. He/she want to get reunite with you on all costs. They are begging to God almighty to bring you closer to them. While if you sneeze twice one after the other, it means your lover is missing you but not in love with you. Two sneezes means that your lover is happy with breakup. Your lover does not want to be reunited with you. He is happy with separation.


09: Itching in hand palm:

Itchy palms reveals love

This is very severe stage of some one’s longing for you. If some one is in deep love with you, your palm itches continuously. You keep on rubbing all the day, but irritation does not stop. This is very good signal and most authentic mean for finding out some one’s love for you. Itching in palms happens when there is deep passion in the mind and heart of your lover. It generally happens when there is love from both sides. The interacted love cause itching in hand palms.

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