Ravina Tandon. Top ten distinctive facts about Ravina Tandon.

Ravina Tandon is a well known actress of Bollywood film industry. She prevailed on film industry in 1990s. She was born in 1974 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She started her career with her debut ”Pathar ke Phool”. She got an extra-ordinary fame when she succeeded in her movie “Mohra”. Mohra was released in 1994. In that film she played her role of heroin of Sunil Sethi. She married with  Anil Thadani (m. 2004). She is the sister of Rajiv Tandon. She was famous with name ”Mast Mast Girls” in film industry. 

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According to an IANS report, actress Raveena Tandon’s Independence Day celebrations ended on a rather sour note. “In LA after two glorious days, of spending the Independence Day celebrations – sadly a bad ending. All was going well till a drunk got on stage,” Raveena had tweeted on August 16. She further shared the details and wrote, “Neeraj Agnihotri started misbehaving, and padding comments, sadly all security was down and couldn’t get to him first” Was one of the organisers and was upset that his kids didn’t get to travel in my car with me to the event, which security and protocol didn’t allow. Started making nasty remarks till I had to yell out to the others to get some other guys up. And that’s when they took him away! But yes I did give him a piece of my mind too. That’s no way to talk to anyone – when I didn’t even know what he was upset about,” she added.

Tandon made her acting debut opposite Salman Khan in Patthar Ke Phool (1991), and won a Filmfare Award for Lux New Face of the Year for her performance in the film.


She played a role in Bombay Velvet in 2015. About bombay velvet she said that that she is doing a friendly appearance in the film. She posted, “Too much hype around my appearance in the film,I have done it for fun and only because I love the film and the music of bombay velvet! When asked all the time about it, all I said was “don’t know if I will be there also or no in the final edit as film is in the editing stage”


Raveena Tandon has two adopted daughters namely Pooja and Chhaya, as a single mother in 1995 when they were 11 and 8-year-old respectively. In an interview she told about her girls, That these girls has brought perfection in her life. She further enhanced the importance the girl’s roles. She said that a girl plays the role of a daughter. In aftermath of daughterhood she becomes a sister, Then she become a mother. In this way each and every role is significantly important.


In ”Simply Baatein” with Raveena; an interactive chat show on Sony PAL, the host addressed the issues under the collective umbrella of ‘womanhood’ with a fun approach coupled with expert advice from celebrated personalities of their selective fields. At the launch of the show, Raveena said, “We women always talk fruitful and nothing senseless when we meet each other and that is what Simply Baatein is all about.”


Raveena Tandon was known for her straight-forward and blunt attitude during her college days. In an interview with DNA, Suchitra Pillai spoke about her bond with Raveena. She revealed that Raveena was a dada in college. Raveena studied in Mithibai and moved in an open jeep and almost behaved like a cowgirl. The actress is known for her honest interactions with the media.


Raveena Tandon had always been a family oriented woman. Even at the peak of her film career, she  concentrate on her family life. She demolished the idea of woman’s inferiority. “The term ”Woman’s inferiority” has been used for a long time. What are we talking about? Women in every sense are much superior than their counterparts. We are gold medalists in boxing too. It’s no longer the weaker sex,” Raveena said in an interview with TOI.


When feminism still hadn’t hit Bollywood, Raveena experimented with bold roles in films like  Shool  and Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence.


She acted with Govinda in several films like Anari No 1Dulhe Raja and Aunty No 1. Her role with Amir Khan in movie ”Andaz Apna Apna”  was deeply appreciated.


The actress also won a National Award for her intense acting in Daman. Raveena also did item numbers like‘Tu cheez badi…’ and ‘Sheher ki ladki…’ She also produced films like Stumped and Pehchaan: The Face of Truth.


According to reports, the actress had apparently rejected many offers to concentrate on her personal life. She was also offered the second lead in blockbuster movies like Dil To Pagal Hai and Gupt, but the actress allegedly declined both the movies as she had taken a sabbatical at that time.

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