Russia and US and Europe relations are at a dead end.

Russia, the US and Europe are at a dead end

Multi-purpose fighters Su-27 of the pilot group “Russian Knights”

First of all, Russian-American relations are at the moment in a desperate situation. Director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Ulyanov said that the approach of the American B-52 fighter to Russian borders only damages international security and destabilizes the situation in the region. These actions by the US are provoking an aggravation of relations between Russia and the EU. Europe has lost its independence in matters of security and defense, moreover, the European Union has become more dependent on US military forces, so it is even more difficult to end the Cold War with Russia and begin to fight the main problem of our time – terrorism.

The US continues to monitor the armed forces of the NATO countries and do everything to prevent the European Union from interfering in Russian-American relations. Russia wants to accelerate the normalization of relations with the countries of the North Atlantic alliance and launch joint anti-terrorist cooperation. In London, Paris, Berlin, throughout Europe there are many terrorist acts every year. This shows that at the moment for the European Union the issue of ensuring security is in the first place. Due to the fact that NATO is still waging a cold war with Russia, it is almost impossible to start international anti-terrorist cooperation between Russia and the West.

Leading the Cold War, the North Atlantic alliance provokes Russia to respond, and also increases the likelihood of an armed clash between Russia and Europe. Since LIH ( banned in Russia -. Ed .) Still continues to exist, the number of terrorist attacks in the EU will continue to grow. This situation further complicates the normalization of relations between Russia and the United States. The question arises: will Western countries alone be able to withstand the terrorist threat? NATO should take measures and begin anti-terrorist cooperation with Russia.

Russia’s participation in antiterrorist cooperation is necessary

We must understand that terrorism is the greatest threat to international security. Russia hopes that Western countries will cease to consider Russia their adversary and will understand that Russia possesses modern military equipment and is ready to assist in the fight against the main threat. To conduct a cold war with Russia is meaningless, and this hinders the beginning of anti-terrorist cooperation. Due to the fact that terrorism is spreading rapidly, European countries need Russia’s assistance in the antiterrorist struggle.

Russia hopes that the following principles will form the basis of future Russian-American cooperation. First, in order to avoid unforeseen air conflicts, report on the flight routes of fighters. Secondly, to allow all countries to freely carry out reconnaissance flights and ensure their safety. Thirdly, to limit the flights of bombers equipped with nuclear bombs, since this can cause destabilization of the situation in the regions. Fourthly, finally to end the Cold War and allow each state to focus on internal security, conduct an effective policy in the fight against terrorism, and carry out military exchanges. Fifth, to approve the plan to combat terrorism, reduce the level of tension between individual regions of states, improve the situation in the regions,

It is necessary to understand that interstate conflicts hamper the process of international antiterrorist cooperation. Countries must join forces in the fight against terrorism.

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