Sir Syed’s Political Stand Point and his advice to Muslims to avoid politics.

The War of Independence had grinded  the Muslims. Hindus remained the same as they were, but the Muslims became the victim of the rage of Britishers. Britishers had assumed that Muslims were the only cause for eruption of War of 1857. As Britishers had snatched the government from Muslims, therefore Muslims can never be sincere and supportive to British government. On the other hand Hindus considered Muslims as foreigner and They used to say that Hindustan is the country of Hindus. None of the other nation can dwell in India. Either they should convert to Hinduism or leave India. Sir Syed knew that the slave nations were helpless before the enormous power of Britishers. The result of Jihad Movement was also clear to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The power of Britishers was invincible and it was impossible for any body to contest them and survive. It is, therefore, better for Muslims to adopt the new circumstances and avoid contesting a powerful enemy and get a know-how about the way of thinking of new rulers.

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England, in those days was the most powerful and dominant country in the world. Its power was unbeatable. None of the country in the world could defy England. It was said that ”Sun does not set down in the dominion of England”. England had captured more than half of the world. It was leading the whole world in Industrial and Economic development. Sir Syed suggested the Muslims to keep themselves apart from the politics and do not make themselves a target of suspicions of rulers. Having enmity with crocodile while living within the river is just a stupidity. On the other hand Hindus were a cunning and clever nation. They, abruptly adopted the new ways of life. They started educating in western universities. The universities of Kolcatta and Madrass had been established in 1850s. Most the students of these universities were Hindus. The student were taught the fundamental and radical subject of Political Science. The alumni of these Universities were far advance in radicalism and extremism than those who had studied in the universities of England. Hindus could go to every possible extent in politics. Moreover in those days Hindu extremism was at its escalation. Madan Mohan Malviya who was the founding leader of Arya Smaj, would provoke the Hindus to fight against the Muslims and get closer to British rulers. One day, when the British will leave the country, the reign of Hindustan will be in their hands. Muslims should either convert to Hinduism or leave the India. In such circumstance Sir Syed Ahmed Khan advised the Muslims to seek modern education as well as the religious education. After having been well educated, technically skilled and closer to British Ruler, start taking part in politics. The current scenario of politics is not suitable for Muslims. The economic and social status of Muslims was badly affected by the War. Muslims were assumed as the worst rebellion to British rulers. Therefore, He advised them to advance in education sector first and then take part in Politics. By then the atmosphere of  suspicions in British Rulers against the Muslims will also be deascallated. Muslims had to prove themselve non-violent first and the second step would be the politics. In short the theme of Sir Syed’s policy about politics was to stay away from politics. Removing suspicions from the minds of Brtish rulers, Sir Syed published many magazines and booklets. In these magazines and booklets he tried to prove the Muslim’s loyalty for British rulers. While working with British rulers he also tried to bring the two entities closer to each other. Some of the Muslims were of thoughts that eating, drinking and talking to Britishers is a sin. Sir Syed also tried to prove both the Britishers and Muslims to be brothers as both of them were the followers of divine books and revealed prophets.

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