Ten most dangerous and horrific tourist places.

01. Moher Cliff (Ireland):

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This place of Ireland is full of high rocks and cliffs. Among these cliffs there is a 3-4 feet wide natural path. On this path up to 8 km you can ride bicycle. Cyclists from all over the world desire to ride cycle on this thin and dangerous path. Most of them scares of riding cycle after seeing the up and down sloping rocks of this area and turn back with cycling.

02. Devil’s Pool (Zembia):

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The local resident of this place say that Devils used to take bath in this pool. But today this is attracted by the tourists. This pool is situated on brink of a cliff, from where steam water falls in the form of waterfall. People take bath in the flowing water of the stream. A very little mistake can take you to the deep trench. Nobody came back who ever fell in to this trench. Tens of people, so far, lost their lives.

03. Trolltunga Cliff (Norway):

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Trolltunga is a rock formation situated about 1,100 metres above sea level in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county, Norway. It is an extended rock stretched forward in way that it looks like some one have extended his tongue. This rock is hanging in air and beneath the rock there is a stream in the deep trench. Most of the people when stops stepping ahead at a first glance of the horrifying rock.

04. Kjiragbolten (Norway):

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Kjerag or Kiragg is a mountain in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The 1,110-metre tall mountain sits on the southern shore of the Lysefjorden, just southwest of the village of Lysebotn. This place is much more dangerous than it look like. People come here for photo shoots, but as they see downward their leg tremble with fear. Among two elevated rocks there is a trapped rock mass hanging.

05.  Elephant Kingdom in Thailand:

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This is lake filled with crocodiles and said to be the most dangerous place of the world. People float in cage to escape the attack of crocodiles. And there is a flood of crocodile around the cage. People say it is the most dangerous place they had seen ever.

06. Siju Cave (Meghalaya, India):

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Siju Cave is located in Meghalaya state near Naphak Lane and Simsang River game reserve. It is a limestone cave. The Cave is filled with water and is many kilometers long. It is considered as the third longest cave system in India. This is very horrifying cave made of rocks and there is  stream flowing in the cave. When you enter the cave, after walking for some steps, you courage will refuse to move ahead.

07. Mount Hua Shan China:

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This is a very narrow path which lead to the Tea Town on the peak of the hill. This path passes through the very steep rocks and cliffs. At some places there are wooden bars to make the path continued.

08. Mount Brink Glass Box:

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This is the place, after reaching here your breaths will stop. If you are scared of heights, you will not even reach here. This is the highest peak of Europe. There is chamber made up of glass posted on the peak. And there is a hundreds of meters depth beneath the chamber. It needs high courage to have a photo shoot in the chamber.

09. Kalalau, Hawaii:

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The Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast is Hawaii at its best—isolated jungle, steep volcanic slopes, and a pristine undeveloped beach at the end. But the 22-mile round-trip hike through paradise can turn sour quickly. The path’s three major stream crossings can swell rapidly during a rain, and falling rock, especially around waterfalls, is always a concern. Crawler’s Ledge, three-quarters of the way through the trek, can turn into a dicey walk along its sheer ledge during the rain.

10. Mount Hua Shan China:

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This is a very narrow path which lead to the Tea Town on the peak of the hill. This path passes through the very steep rocks and cliffs. At some places there are wooden bars to make the path continued.



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