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Ten smallest birds in the world.

Scientific name of birds is Aves. Birds are a group of endothermic vertebrates, characterised by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a strong yet lightweight skeleton. Birds are the beauty of the Earth. Birds are the cleanest creature in this world. Birds are the most alert and smartest animal so far. There are birds with huge body, like Ostrich, as well as there are birds weighing a few grams. Here in this article we are discussing world’s smallest and lightest birds.

10. The Crimson Chat:

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Crimson Chat is about 12 cm long and has a weight of about 12 gm. It is found widely in Australia. The Crimson Chat is a small bird with a short decurved (downward curving) bill. Adult males are dark brown above, with a brilliant red crown, breast and rump, a black mask around the eye and white throat. Adult females and juveniles are much paler, brown above, with a white throat and pinkish below. Chats, unlike most small birds, walk rather than hop, and are most often seen on or near the ground. Male Red-capped Robins, Petroica goodenovii, are quite similar to the male Crimson Chat, but have a black rather than white throat, a dark eye, a plumper body and prominent white wing-marks. The Crimson Chat’s bill is also longer and not as thick as the Red-capped Robin’s. Crimson Chats are endemic to Australia, found from west of the Great Dividing Range to the coast of Western and South Australia. Crimson Chats are found in semi-arid and arid regions mainly dominated by open shrublands, dunes, plains or grasslands.

09. The Tropical Parula:

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Tropical Parula is 11 cm long and have a mass of  6 to 8 gm. It is  mainly found in Amazon basin.  The tropical parula (Setophaga pitiayumi) is a small New World warbler. It breeds from southernmost Texas and northwest Mexico (Sonora) south through Central America to northern Argentina, including Trinidad and Tobago. This widespread and common species is not considered threatened by the IUCN. This passerine is not migratory, but northern birds may make local movements. For example, although it does not breed in much of Pacific Central America, it is a regular vagrant to countries like El Salvador.

08.The Bananaquit:

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Bananaquit has a length of 9.5 to 11 cm and Weight of 9 gm. It is commonly found in the West Indies, Caribbean islands and in the southern part of Brazil. The Bananaquit inhabits a variety of habitats from scrubland to tropical lowland forest edge, from the Antilles and Mexico south to Paraguay and northern Argentina.  Bananaquits are distinctive birds with down-curved bills, black upperparts, bright yellow underparts, and a conspicuous white eyebrow.  Across its broad distribution, however, Bananaquits exhibit considerable geographic variation, with no fewer than 41 recognized subspecies; these differ in features such as the color of the throat (white, gray or black), the presence of absence of a white spot on the wing, the length of the bill, and the extent of yellow on the underparts. In addition, on some islands in the West Indies an entirely sooty color morph is frequent. Bananaquits are bold and active feeders, and most often are encountered in pairs or in small family groups.  With a diet of nectar and fruit, Bananaquits frequent flowering trees and shrubs where they often cling to flowers.

07. American Goldfinch:

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It is seventh smallest bird in the world. Its scientific name is Spinus tristis. It is  11 cm long and has a Weight of  11 gm. The American goldfinch is a small North American bird in the finch family. It is migratory, ranging from mid-Alberta to North Carolina during the breeding season, and from just south of the Canada–United States border to Mexico during the winter.

 06. The Brown Gerygone:

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10 cm long bird having weight of  5 gm belongs to family Acanthizidae (Thornbills and gerygones). It is  found widely in eastern coast of Australia. It is seen in groups of two or four in coastal rain forests. It mainly consumes insects. Its upper part along with face is olive-brown and it lower part looks like pale gray. This species has a very large range and it is ccurred <20,000 km2 combined with a declining or fluctuating range size, habitat extent/quality, or population size and a small number of locations or severe fragmentation.

05. The Goldcrest:

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It has a Length of 8.5–9.5 cm, and Weight of about 13.5–15.5 cm. Goldcrest is the smallest bird in Europe but the bird can also be found in various locations including  Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, Wales, China, Russia, Himalayas. It is also called the king of birds in European folklore.

04.The Golden Headed cisticola:

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Its scientific name is Cisticola exilis. It is very similar in appearance to the zitting cisticola — however, in the breeding season males acquire a breeding plumage in which their head, throat and breast are a bright golden-orange colour, and their tails become shorter than in winter-plumage. The species is found in rank vegetation in and around wetlands. It is known as the finest tailor of the birds, often using spiders’ threads to stitch together its nest. The Golden-headed Cisticola occurs from Carnarvon in Western Australia, north-east to Darwin, Cape York and down the east coast as far as King Island and Adelaide. It is also found from India and southern China to the Bismarck Archipelago. The Golden-headed Cisticola lives in sub-coastal areas, wetlands, swamp margins, wet grasslands, rivers, and irrigated farmland. It prefers tangled vegetation close to the ground, but breeding males may be seen singing from tall weeds or other shrubs.

03.The Pardalote:

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Pardalotes or peep-wrens are a family, Pardalotidae, of very small, brightly coloured birds native to Australia, with short tails, strong legs, and stubby blunt beaks. The Spotted Pardalote is a tiny bird that is most often high in a eucalypt canopy, so it is more often detected by its characteristic call. The wings, tail and head of the male are black and covered with small, distinct white spots. Males have a pale eyebrow, a yellow throat and a red rump. Females are similar but have less-distinct markings. The related Striated Pardalote, P. striatus, has a striped head rather than spotted, and lacks the spotting on the wings and has a plainer back.

02.The Weebill:

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Its scientific name is Smicrornis brevirostris. The weebill is Australia’s smallest bird at approximately 8 to 9 cm long. It is an olive-yellow songbird with a grey bill, brown wings, pale yellow eyes and grey feet. They have a clear, pleasant call that is easily recognised. They characteristically flutter in and around the outer foliage of trees collecting insects, often in association with thornbills, silvereyes and other birds in winter feeding flocks. Weebill numbers are regular throughout the year being slightly greater during the winter. Survey records have increased in recent years.

01. Bee Hummingbird:

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The smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae). It is found in Cuba and the Isle of Youth. Males measure 57 mm (2.24 in) in total length, half of which is taken up by the bill and tail, and weigh 1.6 g (0.056 oz). Females are slightly larger. This is believed to be the lowest weight limit for any warm blooded animal. Humming birds have more than 325 species, which come in different colors. Most of the species breed in South America. About 9 species breed in North America. Hummingbirds cannot walk or hop, though their feet can be used to scoot sideways while they are perched. These birds have evolved smaller feet to be lighter for more efficient flying. They will use their feet for itching and preening, however.

List of Ten Biggest Birds in the world.



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