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Top Job testing organisations/institutions in Pakistan.

Federal Public Service Commission: Federal Public Service Commission is oldest job testing commission in Pakistan. The commission is run by Government of Pakistan itself. It conducts the gazetted  jobs test/ exams and interviews in federal government sectors only. The institution also conducts the jobs test and examinations to recruit the personals for its internal setup.

Major internet service providers in USA/ ISP providers.

Major internet service providers in USA People in USA choose several ISPs (internet service providers). Each company provides multiple level of speed and price. Customers needs to keep in mind both the things : speed and price. Top ISP Providers Comcast. This is the largest cable provider in the U.S. Comcast provides services to over 17 million internet

Top 10 car manufacturing companies

When we talk about world fastest cars or world most expensive cars the concept of automobile companies erupts in our mind, because the performance of a car is actually the performance of the manufacturer which made it. This article is about world top 10 leading car manufacturing companies, which have maintained their reputation since decades. These

World Top 10 manufacturing companies by revenue

According to the report of  ”Fortune Global 500” in 2012 a list of the  world’s largest manufacturing   companies,  ordered by revenue in millions of U.S. dollars has been prepared. According to this list Japanese company Mitsui falls on the top with a total revenue of 566,512 million US dollars. Other than Mitsui and the rest of the 9