Top 10 Dangerous movie stunts of Tom Cruise

10 Dangerous Movie Stunts Tom Cruise Actually Performed:

 Tom Cruise  proved himself as an action hero and a stunt master in movies as well as in real life. Breaking into the office of IMF and hacking their computers and stealing a secret list is the master piece of his actions. Sticking to the body of a flying airplane proves the mettle of his courage. Similarly in real live he did not let the stunts and actions go. He saved a family out of a burning boat. Used his private Jet to save the life of a seriously injured team member in some film shooting. Here in this article we will present a short description of his actions and dangerous stunts.

10. Shootout in Collateral:

09. Rock Climbing in Mission Impossible:

08. Running and Jumping in the Edge of Tomorrow:

07. Samurai Swording in the Last Samurai:

06. Fish Tank in Mission Impossible:

05. Trust Fall in Mission Impossible III:

04. Knife Fight with Dougray Scott in MI 2:

03. Breaking in to IMF office, Langley; in Mission Impossible:

02. The burj Khalifa ; Ghost Protocol:

01. Airplane Hanging Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible:

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