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The most famous revolutionaries in the world.

These people dreamed of changing the destiny of the world. However, the stories of most revolutionaries teach that the fire of changes in society often devours those who organized it. And the new reality often does not correspond to plans and dreams. Among the most famous revolutionaries, we deliberately do not refer to Spartacus. After all, he was, rather,

Malthusian Theory of Population.

Malthus (Thomas Robert Malthus FRS): Malthus was basically a religious personality but formally known as a demographer. He was born in 1766 at Westcott, United Kingdom and died in 1833. He wrote a lot of content about demography and political economy. He got fame when he presented his famous theory about population. This theory of population

MILF pornn-stars list

Brandi Love: Tracey Lynn Livermore, better known by her stage name Brandi Love, was born in North Carolina USA in 1973. Brandi Love, is an American adult model and pornnographic actress, as well as the co-owner and chief financial officer of two multimedia companies.   Kendra Lust: Kendra Lust is an American pornnographic actress and director.

Donald Trump speech. Top 10 speeches of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s complete name is Donald Johan Trump. He is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. President Trump Inauguration Address | The 45th president of the United States speaks outside the Capitol building on Inauguration Day. During his