Top 10 ways to bring traffic to your website, blog and webpage/ 10 best SEO tips.

This is the era of competition in the world of IT. There are millions of websites. And there are thousands of websites on each topic. It is now very difficult to make room for your website in search of a search engine. You need to optimize your website to get a reasonable traffic. There are some SEO software which help you boost your website. But here i am suggesting very basic things, which are compulsory for your website to get good rank. You need not to use or purchase any type of software in order to give rank to your website. If you follow the following steps, no doubt, your website will get a high rank.

01. Create New Content:

The first and foremost task you have to do is to create new and updated content on daily basis. Keep the visitors engaged in going through the new and continuously added content. The daily basis uploaded content is also helpful for SEO. Moreover your content should be targeted, for example we are living in 2017, but you are writing an articles on ”Top ten most selling cars in 2014”. This is not SEO friendly post, because 2014 has gone away. Now you are in 2017. People search things related to 2017. Your post should be like something ”Top ten most selling cars in 2017”.

02. Optimize Old Content:

The second thing which keep your website in good rank is to update the old content. For example You had published a post in 2016, and you mentioned the age of a celebrity as 45 years. Now that a visitor visits the post in 2017, and he finds the age of the said celebrity as 45, he gets confused and assumes that this site does not give accurate information. This is a negative impact on your site. So, updating an old content is as much necessary as the new one is.

03. Write Guest Posts:

Guest posts mean the posts which are uploaded by the visitors of your website. Whenever you visit a highly ranked website, you should try to create in that website a back-link for your own website. This is only possible when you write some content in that website. For example you write a post in wikipedia or hubpage, you can give links of your website in that post. Whenever a visitor reads the article you had published in wikipedia or hubpages etc. the reader with be drifted toward your website through the back-link.

04. Accept guest posts:

Existence of guest posts in a website is good progress with regard to SEO and quantity of content. Actually the visitor’s posts are meant to create in your website the back-links for their website, webpage or blog. It brings not impact on your website. Just accept the guest posts and let the writers write in your website to increase the quantity of content of your website. The large quantity of content is friendly to search engines.

05. Launch Infographics:

Infographics means the graphic content which your use for the advertisement of your website. There should be a good graphic designer for the advertisement and publicity of your website. Each time the graphic designer should design the material in a new and more attractive way. This is how you can attract more and more people to your website through these attractive graphic ads.

06. Social advertising:

Social media plays a pivotal role in bringing traffic to your website. If you, from the very first day of your site, a facebook page having likes more than 300,000. It can give you the traffic of tens of thousands of visitors from the very first day you launched your site. Moreover there are other social media sites like Twitter, Google+ etc which can give your traffic of thousands. You should share the content of your website frequently. Each post must be shared more than one time. The multiple share of same post will add in traffic. Why multiple sharing is necessary? It is because: you have shared a post on 10:00AM and at 10:00 AM there were 1000 friends or followers of your profile were online. Surely these 1000 people will somehow come across your post, but what about those who were not online? Now that you shared one post for multiple time, those who were online will see your post abruptly, and those who were not online will see your post at the time when you share it second time.

06. Link acquisition:

You should acquire more and more links for your website. As mentioned in the above headings, the links can give your site a perpetual traffic and this is a continuous process of drifting traffic toward website. Moreover the links are valued by search engines. Search engines like google, msn, yahoo, baidu give very much value to the links. These are the links which prevent your website from getting devalued in the eyes of search engines.

07. Promote content via Google Adword/Outbrain/Taboola/:

There are hundreds of online advertising companies like Google adword, Outbrain, Taboola, yahoo ets . Today advertising is so cheap that one must not avoid it. The online advertising companies can give you traffic of billion users depending on your campaign.

08. Create satellite websites:

Satellite websites are the co-websites which are affiliated to the main website. These sites are linked to your site. All the traffic which these websites get is diverted to your main website. The main purpose of these websites is to create links for your main website and divert traffic of these websites toward your main website.

09. Speed up your website:

Speeding up means the browsing of main page as well as all the content of your website should be fast. It should not require much time in browsing. The browsing can be speed up by

  1. Minimizing HTTP Requests.
  2. Reducing server response time.
  3. Enabling compression.
  4. Enabling browser caching.
  5. Minifying Resources.
  6. Optimizing images.
  7. Optimizing CSS Delivery.
  8. Prioritizing above-the-fold content.

10. Do new keyword research:

You should search new and trending keywords and your posts should include these keywords. The trending keyword will bring much more traffic to your website. The foundation of SEO is basically laid on the trending keywords.

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