Top ten Military forces of the world, 2017

There are many allied and coalition forces in the world like NATO, Islamic Military Army etc which are more powerful and effectively defensive. But here we are going to discuss about the power of a single country army. This grading has been made on the basis of number armed personals, deposits of ammunition and weaponry and defense strategy. A countdown list for the most powerful/ top ten armies has been drafted here.

10. Japan

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The Imperial Japanese Army or IJA, literally “Army of the Greater Japanese Empire”, was the official ground-based armed force of the Empire of Japan, from 1871 to 1945. It was controlled by the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Office and the Ministry of War, both of which were nominally subordinate to the Emperor of Japan as supreme commander of the army and the navy.

Later an Inspectorate General of Military (Army) Aviation became the third agency with oversight of the army. During wartime or national emergencies, the nominal command functions of the emperor would be centralized in an Imperial General Headquarters (IGHQ), an ad-hoc body consisting of the chief and vice chief of the Army General Staff, the minister of war, the chief and vice chief of the Naval General Staff, the inspector general of military aviation, and the inspector general of military training.

9. Turkey


Turkey is a European as well Asian country. Turkey had played a vital role in both the world wars and other major wars of the world. Turkey is Sitting right atop Lebanon, which sits right above Israel, the Republic of Turkey is one of the few nations that are a part of the geographical space that is called Eurasia. Turkey has a current population of 79,414,269 of which 410,500 serve actively in the military and another 185,630 are on reserve duty. Turkey has 1,007 air crafts, 3,778 tanks and 115 ships.



8. Germany

Germany is one of the top powerful nations in Europe.  The Federal Republic of Germany as it is officially called is a federal parliamentary republic. The country’s military is made up of the Army and special forces, Navy, Air Force, and Joint Support Service. There are currently 180,000 soldiers and 145,000 reservists. They hold 676 air crafts, 408 tanks and 81 naval vessels.Germany had been among the central powers in both the world wars. Having built itself back up from the days of East and West Germany, this nation is one of the only NATO nations to ever use Russian manufactured military aircraft in their service.

7. South Korea

The existence of South Korea for several decades is at stake due to the aggressive attitude of North Korea. Many of the world powers have assisted South Korea in order to build up its defence power. First and foremost, South Korea needed to protect itself from North Korea, which is why they have the 7th strongest army in the world. The government allocates much of the fiscal budget to the military and the constant upgrade of its ranks. Today, the Republic of Korea has 625,000 active soldiers and 2,900,000 reservists! The goods that they hold in terms of tools are 1,451 air crafts, 2,381 tanks and 166 naval vessels.

6. France

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France is third largest country of Europe. France has a remarkably powerful military. Having the 2nd largest force in the EU, the 10th largest budget for it worldwide, and (though not counted here) the third largest nuclear arsenal worldwide makes it quite the powerful force. Of particular renown are the French Foreign Legion , whose candidates come from all over the world to prove themselves to be some of the toughest soldiers in the world, often refusing to give an inch until their last man has fallen. The forces of the French military (active and combined) reach just over 400,000 and nearly 1,300 aircraft, there are plenty of soldiers for France which don’t believe surrender is an option. Another of these groups is the famous GIGN, which acts both as a specialized counter terrorist force, as well as a special police service for particularly bad situations within the country. The French Republic has been a part of almost every major international conflict since the beginning of time. France is also known for its own internal issues and civil wars, as well as attempting to conquer nations outside their borders and oceans. These days, France has a population of 66,553,766 of which there are 205,000 soldiers, 195,770 reservists and holds 1,282 air crafts, 423 tanks and 113 ships.

5. The United Kingdom

There was a time when it was said that the Sun never set on the British Empire, but Britain has no longer maintained her past position however The United Kingdom has been a powerful nation from its beginning. It is one of the oldest organized countries and has said to be the root of many current cultures. Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are a very proud and vital part of the nation’s structure. Queen Elizabeth II holds the title of Commander-in-Chief, while the Secretary of State for Defence advises. The United Kingdom has 150,000 soldiers and 182,000 reservists. Additionally, the UK has 879 air crafts, 407 tanks and 66 naval vessels.

4. India

India is located in South Asia and is the seventh-largest country in the world. India has borders with Pakistan in the west, and China in the north, India has border in the East with Bengladesh, but unfortunately India has bad relations with its neighboring countries and India has also captured Kashmir with force contrary to the right of self determination of people of Kashmir. For these reasons India has to strengthen its power and defence. India is the second most populated nation in the world next to China. There are currently 1,251,695,584 (that’s billions) people in the country. While the country is broken down into states and provinces, the military is all-inclusive. There are 1,325,000 active soldiers and 2,143,000 reservists. India also has 2,086 air crafts, 6,464 tanks and 202 ships to its name.. Making it just shy of the #3 spot, India took what was taught to them from the British Military and greatly expanded upon it. Holding no conscription, India at time of writing has by far the largest volunteer army of any nation of the world, and has proven time and time again they know how to use it. With a budget of over $53 Billion, and an air force of over 2,086 aircraft followed by a navy holding just shy of 300 ships, India does everything big. India has also been the single largest contributor to peace-keeping missions on behalf of the UN, and is one of three countries routinely allowed into foreign territorial waters to handle piracy issues, having earned the reputation of both skilled and well-disciplined sailors. While many other countries rely on their scientists to develop defensive technology with lesser acknowledgement of an even exchange for this research, India has routinely put using the military for scientific inquiry into the spotlight, including a wide variety of both expedition voyages and high-flying research studies.

3. China

The People’s Republic of China is the most populated country in the world and is run by a government that is part of the Communist Party. There are 22 provinces in China, while the Central Military Commission is in charge of the entire country. The military budget in China is the largest in the world. They currently have 2,335,000 active frontline personnel and 2,300,000 reservists. China also holds 2,942 air crafts, 9,150 tanks and 673 naval vessels. Giving the extremely large recruitment pool required drafting, at least in theory, nearly all of the Chinese population could be seen as a recruitment pool if demand required, though for most measures, an active force of around 2.5 million is usually considered a good estimate. With nearly 3,000 aircraft and 700 ships to its name, China is a major force to be reckoned with. However, more concerning for those who may have tense relations with China is their cyberwarfare division which has often been the ire of other militaries and even civilian companies. A prime example is that in 2010, Google suffered a hack that was later blamed on PLA unit 61398, which nearly caused Google to exit relations to the country.

2. Russia

There is no way a list such as this one wouldn’t include a country like Russia. At number two, Russia’s army is stronger than 124 other nations in the world. They overpower most nations in the amount of military tools they have – 3,547 air crafts, 15,398 tanks and 352 ships – as well as in personnel – 766,055 active service members and 2,485,000 reservists. Russia has also been one of the only nations to actively use their military to take part in other international conflicts and send their military vessels to the ‘aid’ of whom they see fit.

1. The United States

USA has been the world leading power right after the end of World War II and in the most unsurprising countdown to date, the United States of America is number one when it comes to military power. The Unites States has a perfect combination of military personnel numbers and military tool numbers. The spending budget in the United States on the military is the highest and is only getting higher (it jumped up after September 11th, 2001, naturally). The current population of the United States is 321,368,864 of which 1,400,000 are active frontline personnel and 1,100,000 are reservists. The US has 13,444 air crafts, 8,848 tanks and 473 naval vessels.

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