Top ten skin whitening creams in USA

Nothing matches a white and flawless beautiful skin. Beauty had been a priority for both men and women since the ages. Everybody wants his/ her skin to be white, spotless, and smooth. But the age, sun rays and other weather and climatic conditions affect one’s skin. Which results red spots, dark blotches, blemishes, and uneven skin. These flaws are noticeable on a person’s face. The solution to these imperfections is whitening and beautifying creams. These creams and products are the outcome of the research and tireless hardwork of health and fashion experts. Here i am going to suggest the readers very important and useful creams which ensures the beauty and white skin. These cream also reduce wrinkles of your face.


10. Garnier Fairness Cream:Image result for Garnier Fairness Cream

Garnier is widely available throughout the world. In case it is not available in some regions, then it can be ordered online. There is variety of websites which provide the facility of online sale and even home delivery. For example, etc. Garnier is basically a herbal beauty product, which has least side effects. You will come across a variety of cream which have fast results, but when you stop using the cream, it badly affects the skin, and make you as much ugly as you can’t even think. But Garnier is free from such side effects.


9. Nivea Visage:Image result for Nivea Visage

A reputed name in the world of cosmetics , this product hydrates, moisturizes, and reduces melanin production. It also employs a crystalline technology system for optimum results.





8. Pond’s:Image result for Pond’s cream

This product suits skin of all types. It has SPF 20 to against harmful UV rays and reduces oil to a minimum. It also gives out a pinkish white glow that’ll bring out the pretty in you.








7. Lakme: Image result for Lakme cream

This day cream is infused with vitamin B3 to your skin. It moisturizes, softens your complexion, and brings out your inner glow. This product does not parabens.






6. L’Oreal:Image result for L’Oreal cream

This cream is everybody’s favourite – even won Hollywood’s favour. It has SPF 15 for protection against harmful sun rays with a micro-circulation system to bring out a healthy glow in your skin.









5. Clean and Clear:Image result for Clean and Clear:

This cream is multifunctional and improve the skin in a variety of ways. It whitens the skin, washes away the red spots and blemishes. This cream is a veteran in the world of skin care cosmetics. Its line of products has combatant properties against oil, pimples, breakouts, and pigmentation. However, it’s still soft enough to be hypoallergenic.








4. Lotus Herbals:Image result for lotus cream

This product is invincible in perfomance. This is a product with herbal elements. It has adequate PA levels to suit your skin. It’s also as soft as lotion and is easy to use.







3. Revlon:Image result for revlon cream

A leading cream in the world of cosmetics, this brand produces another innovation. Revlon has botanical extracts infused with vitamins and essential minerals to bring out the best possible complexion for you. It whitens the skin and reduce wrinkles and you look younger than your actual age.







2. Olay:Image result for olay cream

This product posseses a hard core triply nutrient system i.e a combined power of vitamin E, vitamin B3, and Pro B5. By mixing one tube of Betnovate Cream with the Olay cream will make you 10 years younger than your actuall age. I have tested this formula for so many time, and got positive result. Just test this formula and pray for me.







1. Meladerm:Image result for meladerm cream

This product is top in performance when it comes to skin whitening products.  It has the power of whiteners, multivitamins, extracts all geared to give you a flawless white skin. This cream also reduces the wrinkles when Betnovate Cream is used aswell. This is the top skin whitening cream in the USA and also used widely throughout the world.



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