What is will power. 10 ways to strengthen the will power.

Will Power:

Will power is the content and control to do something or restrain from it. It is the energetic determination of doing or avoiding something. I would like to quote an example to clarify its meanings. You might have come across many people who used to smoke in past. Some of them avoided to smoke and do not smoke right now. Meanwhile there are some people who avoided smoking for many times, but restarted smoking each time. The people who avoided smoking once and kept on restraining for ever have strong will power. While those who avoided the smoking and again started it have a weak will power. Their cycle of avoiding and restarting continued for a long time. Such people have a weak will power. This is the difference which ”Will Power” brings in us, in our soul and mind. We do job with zeal and zest with out disrupting its continuity. We face difficulties and find new ways and methods to remove the obstacles and hurdles which hinder our mission. Talking about ”Will Power” is easy, but gaining a strong will power is very difficult. There is a negative aspect in our personality, which  is our fear and fright while doing a job. When we see hurdles before our mission we get afraid and frightened. We thinks about avoiding the job. But a person with a strong Will Power will never scare of the obstacle and difficulties and he will continue his hard work and will ultimately succeed in his mission. Here i am presenting some tips to gain a strong “Will Power”.

01. Concentration in attention:

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Concentration in attention means ”For how long you can focus on a point with out flitting your attention here to there”. Concentration is very important and fundamental thing to strengthen one’s Will Power and determination. Without gaining concentration our mood changes for many times to do or to avoid the job. But when we will have concentration in our attention, our mind will not easily divert from our mission. Here are some very important exercise to gain concentration in our attention. 

02. Good Physical Health:

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A good physical health is also beneficial in improving our Will Power. Good physical health makes good supply of necessary food supplements to our brain and keeps it healthy. As Will Power is related to mind, therefore a healthy brain results in a healthy mind. A healthy brain is developed by a good physical health.

03. Good Company and Supporting Friends:

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Good friends and supporting relatives and companions are significant in boosting up the moral of an individual. If your moral and courage is high your will continue your work with determination and you will ultimately succeed in your mission. Whenever you are going to lose heart your friends and companions will support you and encourage you to keep on the job. Actually your friends do not allow you to divert your endeavors to reach the destination.

04. Financial Strength:

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Financial strength makes merry go round. If your financial position is weak, you will suffer from many difficulties and your stamina will go weaker and weaker. You will lose heart to cross over the obstacles and ultimately will abandon working. Financial weakness acts like pest to a crop. Many a men of courage and determination failed to win the race of competition amid financial problems. So one must focus on financial position in order to achieve a successful life.

05. Encourage yourself to stick to your plan:

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Will power is nothing without your own instructions to yourself. You will have to encourage yourself not to lose temper. A flow of instructions will boost up your determination to accomplish your work. Actually Will Power is the Nickname of Determination.

06. Keep Calm with oppositons:

Keeping calm and content in your temper is the key to strengthen your Will Power. Deal every difficulty with passion and pacification and try to deal with the hostility with dialogue and negotiation. Do not get raged with the oppositions. Keeping calm will lite the candle of hope in achieving your mission. This hope will stick you to your plan.

07. Get more sleep to help your brain manage energy better:

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Minimum time for sleep is 6 hours in night. Sleep deprivation or sleeping just  less than six hours a night is a kind of chronic stress that impairs how the body and brain use energy.  When sleep cycle of your brain is working and waking cycle is not working, it means much energy is being conserved. Because at the time of wake cycle brain uses much energy than in sleep cycle. We must let the brain to conserve more and more energy through sleeping. And when we are wake , we have sufficient energy to use and plane good. Good planning is the road to success. A fruitful planning will also strengthen our Will Power.

08. Heavy exercise:

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Actually Will Power is the toleration to difficulties. We should make ourselves habitual to the difficulties. Why and how to bring difficulties to our soul and mind??? Neither  any body likes to impose troublesome things and difficulties on his very own-self nor it would be a sane deed. Therefor there is a simple way to bring things like difficulties to your soul and body and that is heavy exercise. Heavy exercise and physical work test your stamina and power to tolerate hardships. The more you will do heavy exercise the more your tolerance will develop. And tolerance leads to a Strong Will Power.

09. Slow but steady Work:

Fast and hasty work will face a lot of hurdles at a time. Slow but steady work will escape of these challenges. I would like to quote an example: Suppose a person smokes 50 cigarette a day. If some body says him to restrain from smoking completely and all of sudden. He will agree to avoid cigarette for half a day, but this will be very troublesome job for him to keep up. He will tend to break the commitment of avoiding the cigarettes on the very first day. On the other hand if he commits to smoke 45 cigarettes instead of 50. He will do it easily and his will power to do all this will work efficiently. After a couple of days, when he is again taken a commitment to smoke only 40 cigarettes onward, he will surely do it. This way the slow and gradual decrease in the number of cigarettes will help him completely abandon the smoking.

So please do not test your will power by posing a heavy burden on it. Test it with a lighter burden and then increase the burden slowly and gradually. This way your Will Power will get stronger and stronger.

10. Good Nutrition and Balance Diet:

This is avoided by most of the people in case of Strengthening and empowering their Will Power. But good nutrition and a balance diet will fully nourish your brain and body. Healthy brain and body have much power to face the challenges of life. Therefore for a strong Will Power , one must focus on his nutrition and diet.





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